घर News Young Delegation from Nepal meets Political Figures In India.

Young Delegation from Nepal meets Political Figures In India.


A delegation led by Mr. Ajay Mahato visited New-Delhi, the capital city of India and met the most popular political figures in the Indian Politics of the ruling party. The purpose of this visit was purely to strengthening the relation between the two countries, which in recent time has been seen drifting apart due to unwanted influences and circumstances. Mr. Rajesh Agarwal, the national treasurer of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) was pleased with this initiation from a youth and assured that his party, the BJP will be in full support of Mr. Ajay Mahato and his team to ensure that the brotherhood and friendship between the two countries flourish as it has been from centuries. Mr. Ajay Mahato presented Mr. Agarwal with the traditional Nepali Dhaka Topi and Khukuri as a token and mark of appreciation and respect and further discussed about various opportunities and benefits for the people of both India and Nepal which will arise on an account of this strong relationship between two great Nations. Mr. Rajesh Agarwal hosted a lunch meet at his residence to honor the delegation led by Mr. Ajay Mahato.

Mr. Ajay Mahato is of firm belief that “One of the biggest mistakes we make in our life is that we always wait for a right time and opportunity, however every initiation is an opportunity at that moment itself”. Deeply Impressed by Mr. Ajay Mahato approach, Mr. Rajesh Agarwal assured a full support of his party to assist Mr. Ajay Mahato in his endeavors. Further to the discussion Mr. Ajay Mahato added that “We have a long and religious relationship with India and we cannot grow unless we maintain a respectful relationship between the two countries.”. He further added that “I came here representing the entire youth of Nepal who share the same thought and I hope my visit will initiate a new beginning to this chapter and clear all the doubts that has ever been created”.

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